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Accounting Software for Small Business

Small Business Accounting Software – Which is best for your business?

These days, many business owners are investing in good quality small business accounting software to help with the successful running of their business. Are you feeling frustrated with the amount of time you spend: Recording receipts? Reconciling and balancing accounts? Keeping track of debtors or creditors? Manually entering data into excel spread sheets? Filing away…

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10 Tips to help you build a Successful business

10 Tips to Help You Build a Successful Business

Building a successful business can be challenging, regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or striving to grow your existing business. As a small business owner, you may find yourself being pulled in multiple directions at the same time, and needing to wear different hats each day. Some days you’ll be delivering your product or…

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Christmas Closure Dates

Knox Taxation – Closure over the Christmas Break

  “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Toys in every store…”  It’s officially the final week before Christmas shenanigans begin – Eek! For many of us, this means a lot of last minute shopping, cooking, present wrapping and of course, chocolate and pudding eating… But, before you head off on your holiday fun,…

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A Guide to Capital Gains Tax

A Guide to Capital Gains Tax

“Capital Gains Tax (CGT)” – A word that many have heard of, but few completely understand. The world of tax can get a bit confusing. That’s why our team are here to help. In this article, we will aim to demystify Capital Gains Tax so that you can more feel comfortable with what you’re getting…

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SRO Update for clients - residential tax

Alert: State Revenue Office Update – Residential Land Tax

Latest Notification from the State Revenue Office (SRO) due 15 January: “Notifications for vacant residential land tax and the absentee owner surcharge are due by 15 January 2019. If you made a notification last year, you only need to make a new one if your circumstances have changed.”   Vacant Residential Land Tax: “If you own a property in one of 16 council areas that was unoccupied…

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The 13 Steps of Property Investment Success

The 13 Steps for Property Investment Success

If you’re not a seasoned property investor, making your first property purchase can be a daunting process. To help you on your property investment journey, here are 13 simple steps you can follow: 1. Consult With Your Accountant At Knox Taxation and Business Advisory, we specialise in providing advice in the following areas related to…

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10 Tips For Successfully Starting a Business

 If you’re considering starting a business, there’s probably a million and one worries and concerns circling around in your mind. You’re not alone. Starting a business for the first time can be daunting, with many worried about experiencing failure. Despite once dreaming of becoming successful entrepreneurs, many never achieve it. Instead, they become burdened with…

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New Scams Alert | How To Protect Yourself Now!

As most of you are aware, we are now in the peak season for many ATO and Tax scams. Recently, we have been informed of two new methods that scammers are using to phish personal and financial information from their victims.   1) 3-way phone conversations Scammers are now initiating 3-way phone conversations between their…

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Online Tax Returns – Should You Do It?

Image src: https://photos.icons8.com/ Some people think that by doing their tax online, they will save time and money. But, it’s not a simple as you think, with most getting it wrong. By doing your tax online you could: End up paying too much tax (much more than you need to), or Make substantial errors that bring…

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How You Can Start Planning For Your 2017/18 Tax Return

EOFY is always a very busy time for us, with our incredible team of Accountants being in high-demand. Therefore, if you’re ready to come in for your end of year tax appointment, please book in now. The later that you leave it, the less likely that you will secure your preferred date. It won’t be long before…

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