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What’s the latest on Federal Budget, Bookkeeping and Business Advisory News at Knox Tax?

We’re here to give you a helping hand. At Knox Taxation and Business Advisory in Boronia, you CAN put your eggs in one basket (just like the Easter Bunny did recently), AND have your cake and eat it too – because we’ve got all the latest information! Firstly, we’re excited to announce some extended services…

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A Weighty Issue

Obesity in the workplace isn’t a topic that gets talked about out loud very often. But with the statistics indicating that Australians are getting bigger, it is well worth covering some issues around this. First of all, obesity will be covered as a protected attribute under the Equal Opportunity Act (Vic) 2010 under the heading…

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Hired a “contractor” who is really an employee? There are consequences.

Written on Wednesday, 21 October 2015 by Steve Burnham. From the website Taxpayers Australia. If your business is looking to put on more staff, first of all: congratulations. But secondly, a warning. The engagement status of workers is an important distinction – whether they are employees or independent contractors – and has consequences that can get…

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Mobile Phone Expenses and the ATO

At Knox Taxation and Business Advisory, in Boronia, we have all the answers when it comes to knowing how much of your mobile phone, phone and internet bills you can claim. As if you don’t have enough due diligence to do in recording your Business and Personal tax expenses, our friends at the Australian Tax…

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2015/16 Federal Budget

Download the NTAA Federal Budget (PDF) This analysis includes: Changes effective Budget Night – 7.30pm (AEST) 12 May 2015 Changes effective 1 July 2015 (i.e., 2015/16 income year) Changes effective 1 July 2016 (i.e., 2016/17 income year) FBT announcements Other budget announcements

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What Expenses Can You Claim as a Property Investor?

What Property Investment Expenses Can I Claim? So you’ve taken the plunge!  You’ve bought that alluring investment property.  And you’re more excited than a Cheshire cat with a fresh bowl of Whiskers with hundreds and thousands on top. Now what? Time to start collecting receipts, open a new manilla folder, sit down with the calculator…

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3 Things to Consider if Purchasing a Property

SMSF, Tax Depreciation & TID Variation Considerations.  Want to know more? ASK US about Property Investment and Capital Gains Tax at Knox Taxation and Business Advisory in Boronia.  We’ll take you through the information you need to understand when it comes to SMSF, Tax Depreciation and TID Variations – as well as all of the…

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Can You Actually Afford to Become a Property Investor?

Affordability, Structuring and How to Decide on Whom to Invest With… Capital Gains Tax and its ramifications don’t have to be a mystery. But if you don’t ‘get it’, ask us at Knox Taxation and Business Advisory.  We’ve got the answers from all angles. Last week we talked about the basic principles of Capital Gains…

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Capital Gains Tax

Are your eyes wide open, or just peeping out of the corners? At Knox Taxation and Business Advisory, your Accountants in Boronia, we’re here to help de-mystify what you think you know about Capital Gains Tax, and replace that with sound knowledge and advice.  “There’s a lot of talk about buying into an investment property, but,…

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New Year, New Beginnings

We’d like to thank you sincerely for supporting us, AND for trusting in us to look after you throughout 2014. It’s an exciting time coming into the Christmas break and we’ve got even more reason to celebrate! From Monday, 12th January, 2015, Knox Taxation will be moving literally two doors down the road to a…

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