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Exciting Staff Upgrades at Knox Tax

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Knox Taxation & Business Advisory, in Boronia, have two new recruits to help you grow your business.

In addition to our already exceptional team of Accountants (including Simon, Judy, Kyle and Coral), we are in a position to help you with your advanced taxation and specialist business advice issues in even stronger ways than before!

Our New CA Accountant, Craig Bull

One of the things our clients seek more than anything is getting a passionate and dedicated Accountant on their side to keep things running smoothly.  That, and someone who is prompt in responding to emails and phone calls.  And did I mention that they should be highly organized, very knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator?  We are thrilled to announce that Craig Bull has hit the ground running with ALL of the attributes we were seeking – and then some!

In a few short weeks, Craig has shown himself to be an excellent Senior Accountant and Knox Tax Team Player, who deals with everyone using a caring and empathetic approach.  Not only is he a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (CA), with a Bachelor of Business (Finance), he also has further qualifications in Finance (SMSF) and Economics.  His nine years in Public Practice includes specialisation in multiple areas for Tier Two Accounting firms, and he has a keen interest in helping clients with any Cloud Accounting and software issues relating to their tax.  He enjoys going beyond the figures, and has the added strengths we wanted to bring on-board in Business Advisory.  We thought we’d let him settle in before we announced his arrival, and the feedback that we’re getting is that he’s an absolute gem!

Changing the person that you usually deal with in an Accounting firm can be a little daunting, but we can assure you that Craig has exceeded all of our expectations in a very short time.  He’s a very welcome addition to our already wonderfully dedicated staff.

Introducing Bob Allardice

Our Business Advisory services are in-demand, and to help those of you with burgeoning businesses, and the wish to have a highly experienced consultant to guide you forward, review your business strategies, and mentor you through operational issues, complexities, and especially unexpected growth spurts, we now can offer Bob’s advanced level of assistance through Knox Tax.

Finding a great mentor (or coach for that matter) can be especially difficult.  The right person to suit your requirements should have extensive management experience across a multitude of business types, and be grounded when it comes to systemisation techniques and leadership skills.  Ideally that person should have been to the top of their game as a business communicator and analyst as well.  In Bob, you will find not only all of those things but much more.

He is also an operational Expert when it comes to Activity Based Management and Performance Measurement, and he is particularly adept at solving unique business problems, where there are no established technologies or solutions.  And we’re delighted that he has chosen to work with us to help our Knox Taxation and Business Advisory clients, and draw on the knowledge of our existing staff team to ensure that your business and financial history is readily accessible to make the process easier.

Bob’s portfolio and background experience includes notable achievements such as:

• Master of Business Administration
• Diploma of Project Engineering
• Bachelor of Engineering
• 40 Years of Experience in Project Management
• 5 Years as a Supervising Consultant to Price Waterhouse Urwick, and
• Consulting to Major Companies across Australia – in Mining, Health, Automotive, Food Processing, Transport and Supply Chain Logistics, Professional Services, Building Trades, Aged Care, Local Councils, and Manufacturing, and he is formative leader in the application of LSSSTT (Lean Six Sigma/Systems Thinking Techniques).

We figure you’ve gathered he’s a powerhouse of business acumen.

Talk to us at Knox Tax and we’ll gauge how Bob Allardice’s proficiency in Business Consultancy might be suited to your needs …

And if you haven’t met Craig yet, pop in and say hello.  You’ll find him as friendly and helpful as the rest of us, with a personality and levels of expertise that will soon make you see why we’re delighted to have him join our team.

Contact Us at Knox Tax
9762 7344

We’ve got all of the accounting and business development expertise you’ll ever need – From small to medium businesses, and everything in-between.

At Knox Tax we’ve always been about more than just tax, and we’re always here to help you get to the next level.

Kind Regards,
Coral Page – Principal

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