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Buying Your First Property

  • Property Investment Tax Advice & Analysis
  • Tax Returns for Property Investors
  • Advice on Best Structuring

Growing Your Asset Base

  • Tax Depreciation Reports
  • Positive vs. Negative Gearing
  • Taxable Deductions
  • Tax Minimisation Strategies.


  • Debt Reduction Strategies
  • Managing Your Investment Portfolio
  • Accessing of Superannuation


At Knox Taxation and Business Advisory, we have the answers to many of your burning questions about what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to Property Investment.

Through our caring and personalised service, we can help you legally minimise your personal Income Tax liability, implement tax-effective strategies, and help you to truly understand the implications of financial decisions before you make them.

We’re here to de-mystify property investment, as well as what you think you know about Capital Gains Tax. We replace your questions and assumptions with sound knowledge and advice.

As an Accounting and Business Advisory firm, we always keep ourselves up-to-date with all things related to business and investment opportunities.

If you are interested about investing in property, come in to our office and consult with one of our Accountants.

They will be pleased to run you through the following in your next appointment:

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an investment property
  • Explore whether you are ready to enter the Property market
  • Highlight the Tax Implications of purchasing an investment property
  • Discuss common claims and tax deductions associated with owning an investment property
  • Advise on the best structuring and asset protection strategies, and/or 
  • Refer you to our partners who specialise in property and market trends

The very best advice we can give you is to think hard about investment decisions, ask the right questions, learn from the professionals at your fingertips and, finally, do your homework.


At Knox Taxation and Business Advisory, we have worked with hundreds of property investors over the years. We’ve seen it all – from those who thrive naturally at building a property portfolio, to those who are unsuccessful, and end up in very complicated and undesirable situation.

Like all investments, it is important to understand that there is always a degree of risk when investing in property. But, you can reduce your likelihood of getting stuck with a “lemon” and making poor investment decisions by speaking to your Accountant and property experts – BEFORE you make any decisions to buy.

By seeking advice from experts in their field, you will ensure that you’re not caught out when it comes to:

  • Buying the right type of property
  • Buying in the right location
  • Making money on your investments, and
  • Assessing your property for Capital Gains Tax at the end of the financial year.

The Australian Tax Laws about Property Investment and Capital Gains (and sometimes loses) are ever-changing. When you’re a client with us, we will ensure that you are not left in the dark, throughout the entire process.


Are you a first-time property investor or considering investing in property?

At Knox Taxation and Business Advisory we offer specialised tax advice & services for Property Investors. 

We’ve worked with many property investors, including clients who are first-time investors and the more experienced with extensive portfolios.

Property investment can be a risky strategy though, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t seek professional advice.

That’s why we developed our Property Investor Checklist.

In this checklist, you will gain insight into 12 important steps to follow to maximise your success during property investment.

Get your copy today by entering your details, so it can be emailed directly to your inbox.

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