Since 1976, we have been servicing the accounting and taxation needs of individuals, property investors and local business owners around Melbourne, Australia. 

Our reputation and commitment to providing exceptional value, personalised customer service, and giving ‘real advice to real people’ is our priority.

Sure, tax compliance is important…

But, at Knox Taxation and Business Advisory we delve a lot deeper. Alongside tax returns and advice, we offer a range of additional services to help educate you about your personal and/or business position. Our goal is to help you improve your financial situation and business profitability, so you can achieve financial success in the long-term.

See below a summary of the services we offer for our clients.

You can click on a heading below to learn more about our services for Individuals, Business owners and Property investors.


In addition to our in-house services, we can also refer you to our business partners if you require advice in the following areas:

  • Financial Planning
  • Business Finance
  • Personal & Business Insurance
  • Will Preparation & Estate Planning
  • Investment Advice
  • Mortgage Broking
  • Legal Advice
  • IT support
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Property Investment
  • Marketing, Printing, Copy-Writing & Website Design

This enables us to give our clients a full service experience, but also ensures that you don’t get advice from someone dodgy or who doesn’t have you best interests at heart. 

We are very selective of who we partner with, so you can trust that we’ll only refer you to someone we trust.

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Fringe Benefits Tax – does this apply to you?

As we find ourselves in the midst of the FBT season, we wanted to chat about what FBT is, and if this applies to you!   Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is tax that is paid by employers to cover certain benefits provided to their employees. Please note, this is separate to Income Tax.   What…

Superannuation is Due for the September 2023 quarter

This is just a reminder, for anyone that has employees, that the Superannuation for the September 2023 quarter is due! It is a legal requirement to pay super for eligible employees, so please read the information below on requirements and due dates.   Please see due dates for superannuation below:   If you are processing superannuation…

Working From Home – how to log your hours for the 2024 Year

The Australian Taxation Office have changed the way taxpayers claim deductions for costs incurred when working from home. Taxpayers can choose one of two methods to claim working from home deductions. The methods are:   Actual Cost Method  Fixed Rate Method    While the “Actual Cost Method” hasn’t changed from previous years, the “Fixed Rate…

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