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Holy Basil Thai Restaurant


Knox Tax has provided us with a highly personable and efficient service.

We’ve been made to feel very welcome by a family-orientated accountancy practice that cares deeply about our business – and not just about our taxation concerns and affairs.

Coral and her team have made a point of really getting to know our business with a sense of passionate interest.

They have helped us set up MYOB, taken the time to analyse what we do, and they continually give us key suggestions as to how we can maximise and increase our profits, without sacrificing the quality of our offering to our customers and staff.

We’re much more at ease knowing that we have people who really do care about helping us to achieve our goals viably and sustainably, and who can give us the right business advice as we implement value-adding concepts that will continue to make our restaurant a market leader in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.”

Duncan Robertson – Owner & Head Chef

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    Susan Hangers

    Tax Advice Melbourne - Knox Taxation and Business Advisory
    Counselling / Psychology

    “I want say thanks to the team at Knox Taxation for their help at this time in sort out all the new demands on my small one man team business to keep it up and running.

    The kind voice at the other end of the phone was always helpful with all my questions and I never made to feel that I was being pushed a side.

    Susan Hanger

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    Matt Tabone

    Tax Advice Melbourne - Knox Taxation and Business Advisory
    Manufacturing / Retail

    “I have dealt with Knox Tax for many years now and are currently running my first business. The help starting up was invaluable and definitely enabled me to continue to grow at a good pace.

    Saying the times are tough right now is an understatement. We have had majority of our business closed due to Covid-19.

    Knox Tax have continued to guide me through and helped with every obstacle thrown my way. Getting the assistance from them and working with the Government Bodies have kept the doors open and have saved my business and possibly the family home as well.

    My self, my wife and 3 young children cannot thank the team enough and look forward to building into the future. Definitely recommend Knox Tax for any business !



  • 5 Stars for website

    Glenn Martin - Signarama

    Signage / Printing

    “Amazing customer focused team and they went the extra mile for us to ensure our compliance and receipt of current government incentives.

    Highly recommended to anyone.

    Glenn Martin

  • 5 Stars for website

    Natalie Wild

    Tax Advice Melbourne - Knox Taxation and Business Advisory

    ” Knox taxation have been incredibly supportive through COVID-19. They have assisted me in navigating jobkeeper and ensuring everything is up to date as needed.

    Getting through the last 6 months would not have been as smooth for me without them… thank you

    N Wild

  • Maxteq

    Machinery & Equipment

    “Knox Tax is such a valuable asset to us and our complex print machinery business.

    There’s such a wonderful human side to them that you don’t see with other accounting firms – but it doesn’t stop there!

    Aside from the quality time they spend with us, and their ever-caring approach, they have taken the time to really understand our business (including our products, what we actually do, and how our business functions).

    Their service is tailored to what we need, rather than just being a process.

    We began using Knox Tax two and a half years ago, as a Start-Up business, and they were incredibly helpful in getting us properly organised and set-up, and they also helped us overcome some serious hurdles created by some disgruntled competitors.

    We utilise their Bookkeeping and Business Advisory services regularly and we experience total peace of mind as a result.

    We’re always brilliantly advised about how to streamline what we’re doing, they keep us informed about how we’re ‘really’ going, and we know that our monthly books and accounting are done properly – so there are no surprises at Tax time, or at any other time throughout the year.

    The team at Knox Tax is incredibly professional and very knowledgeable in all aspects of Business and Personal Tax, and we couldn’t do without them.”

    Olga & Andrew Maxwell

  • Nature Works Garden Care

    Garden Consulting & Maintenance

    “Setting up a business is complicated. We really had no idea of the complexities of making it profitable, nor the structure required to take on new employees, how to sort out our bookkeeping software system, and what we could do to maximise our Tax Returns at the EOFY.

    We’re growing and the advice and support we receive from Knox Taxation is outstanding!

    We’re always met with smiles and enthusiasm from the team, and we can liaise with them at any time.

    They’ve taught us to understand what possible pitfalls to look out for, strategies for growth, and everything else that is financially related to our business.

    Prior to engaging their services, we had no idea what we were missing out on and we couldn’t be any more delighted with the comprehensive and extremely helpful service we receive.

    Whenever we need Knox Tax, they’re there!”.

    Wouter Van Dongen

  • Jacqui Graham - Fedeles Restaurant

    Fedeles Restaurant

    “Coral and the team at Knox Tax have been incredible!

    Helping me through some tough times in regards to my business. But not only this, the personal support received from Coral and team has been amazing.

    They are not just numbers and tax people, they are humans and treat their customers with kindness, empathy and respect. I would highly recommend Knox Tax.

    Jacqui Graham

  • Minuteman Press - Kate Cunden

    Printing, Design & Promotion

    We swapped to Knox Taxation earlier this year and couldn’t be happier!

    You really are in good hand with the whole team 🙂

    Everyone is extremely knowledgeable to friendly to deal with. We couldn’t recommend them enough!

  • 5 Stars for website

    Eliminator Rod and Custom Pty Ltd


    “Before coming on board as a client with Knox Taxation, we had been seeing a different accountant in the local area.

    Despite being great and responsive at the start, overtime they became inaccessible and difficult to get in touch with. They stopped returning our calls and did not follow through on promises. We had so many questions but just couldn’t seem to get any answers!

    This was when we decided to look elsewhere and were introduced to Coral and Craig from Knox Taxation and Business Advisory.

    From the minute we met them, we knew that they spoke our language. They patiently answered our questions, took the time to help us better understand tax (including what you can and can’t do) and made us feel comfortable, as though no question was ever a dumb question.

    We also loved that they asked about our personal goals as a couple in addition to our business’ goals and took them into consideration for future planning.

    Throughout the process, it was clear that Coral and Craig worked well together as a team. They stayed true to their original quote and completed our Company Tax Return, Financials and two Individual Tax Returns in TWO WEEKS! (Our previous accountant took several months to do the same and the work was completely wrong!)

    Overall, we’re just really happy that we found Knox Taxation and Business Advisory and look forward to working with them again in the near future!”.

    Troy Denny & Jodie Patch

  • Teaslec

    Trades/ Electrical

    “They’re supportive, reliable and professional.

    We continually need help as our business grows to ensure we’re on the right path – and particularly to track our P&L.

    Knox Tax uses their exceptional wealth of knowledge to assist with our bookkeeping and accounting, our questions are always answered promptly, and the respect with which we’re treated is fantastic”.

    Brad Teasdale

  • CMJ Building


    “We chose Knox Tax because their brilliant professionalism, experience and attention to detail shines through.

    They prompt us when we need to address aspects of our business, help us to foresee accounting issues before they arise, and we know we can lean on them as our company grows.

    The Knox Tax team is very trustworthy and approachable, and we particularly appreciate their guidance in implementing new software in our business, to help make our processes more efficient.”

    Steve Richards

  • The Local Brewhouse

    Manufacturing/ Retail

    “Knox Tax are flexible, friendly and they get the job done!

    They helped me enormously in starting the business with fantastic advice and now cover 80% of my accounting needs.

    Contact made by email or phone is responded to promptly, and their personalised and helpful service is extremely valuable in understanding what’s best for my business”.

    Matt T

  • All Purpose Property Inspections

    Property Maintenance & Repair

    “We draw on Knox Taxation’s business advisory and accounting expertise for our personal Tax Returns, Superannuation and BAS.

    They’re a stand-out when it comes to prompt communication and efficiency.

    Our relationship with them is so comfortable and trusting.

    We’re greeted with a smile every time and we’ve found them to be an excellent asset to fulfil our business and individual needs.”

    Ian Donaldson

  • Supersoil

    Garden & Landscaping

    “The staff at Knox Tax are all so accessible, informed and friendly. I appreciate their high levels of competence and attentive service.

    I can get help on-the-spot, and the process of getting the information I need is always straight-forward.

    I can go to their website for the latest tax news, source the answers to my questions, and deposit our accounting records through the Knox Tax Portal throughout the year, so that our EOFY requirements are ready to be taken care of.

    As a small business, we give good service ourselves, and it’s great to find a service provider like Knox Tax who believes in delivering on their promises in every way as well.”

    Leisa Dabrowiecki

  • WallTWall


    “Coral and the team are always friendly and professional.

    Whether it’s in helping me keep on top of things with my Accounting processes, wrapping up financial matters, or providing useful information in their regular newsletters (which I then share with others), they’re are always there to help.

    Knox Tax is quick with their turn-arounds and provide excellent service.”

    Tony Nicholson

  • Advea

    Technology & Software

    “By collaboratively working in with our Bookkeeper, Knox Tax has helped enormously in addressing our fundamental issues in the running of our business.

    Our interactions with them are positive, timely, and efficient.

    With their professional assistance, our financial reporting is now right ‘the first time’, they deliver well-presented documentation, and our records are now streamlined due to their ongoing support.

    What’s impressive also is that, even though we’re a small business, they’re very focused on our needs – and reliable.”

    Ryan Adams

  • Copy2Go


    “Knox Taxation is amazing! They take the time to really listen to what you need, what your taxation, business and personal issues are, and deliver empathy and understanding, before giving honest and practical solutions.

    Their professionalism, friendliness and service is exceptional.

    I can’t thank Coral and her team enough for always being there when I need them, and for the fantastic results they’ve been able to achieve in minimising my tax and helping me grow my business, and for their support not only at Tax Time, but all through the year”.

    Julie Cuthbert

  • AB Factory

    Health & Fitness

    “One of the things I love most about Knox Taxation and Business Advisory is that they make my life easier!

    I no longer have to type up my expenses.

    They take care of it for me and this service has significantly reduced my own administration time.

    I have found them to be very prompt, efficient, and proactive in assisting me to run my business accounting affairs.”

    Trish Veugelaers

  • Education Changemakers


    “When you can send an email and ask a brief accounting question, AND always get a quick response, you’re on a winner!

    Knox Tax is friendly to deal with, thorough and comprehensive in what they do.

    We’re very happy with their excellent service.”

    Dave Faulkner

  • Century 21


    “I’ve been a client of Coral’s for twenty years and I wouldn’t even dream of going anywhere else.

    I trust in her completely.

    Coral and the Team at Knox Taxation and Business Services have always provided me with excellent service.

    They’re efficient, friendly, informative, professional, and ABOVE ALL caring.”

    Jenny Newman – Director

  • Doortec

    Property Maintenance & Repair

    “Knox Taxation and Business Services’ regular Newsletters are really useful and their service is also very thorough, friendly and efficient.

    They took over our accounting procedures and instantly made us feel very comfortable.

    We’ve found them to be reliable, knowledgeable, and ever so willing to help.

    They explain everything to us!”

    Fiona Larative

  • Sherbrooke Quilting

    Arts & Craft

    “As a small business, we’ve found Knox Taxation and Business Services to be fantastic.

    They’re particularly sympathetic and responsive to our needs.

    They’ve efficiently helped us through some business tax issues with the ATO, and have also assisted members of our family on a personal taxation level.

    We’re very happy with their service and have found them to be reasonably priced, and highly knowledgeable.”

  • ProPumpz

    Pump Repairs & Service

    “I am so grateful for Knox Taxation’s help over the past six years, and particularly during the COVID Pandemic.  Knowing that they were there to help me navigate the confusion associated with the availability of government funding grants and payments (and getting the right advice about which ones I was eligible for) was crucial to my business.  They went above and beyond to show their support, demonstrating that they really cared about me in the most attentive ways.  The whole Knox Tax team is highly professional, and I can’t thank them enough for always making the time to explain things clearly, to put my mind at ease.” 

    Petar Vasilev, ProPumpz

  • Ecotech Plumbing


    “Knox Tax are brilliant!

    With prior Accountants there was a total lack of communication, they were hard to get hold of and we paid massive fees for virtually no service.

    Knox Tax came on board and straightened out our financial systems and procedures, tidied it all up, and now we know exactly where we’re at – whereas before it was all a big mystery.

    Coral and the Team are very professional, informative and caring.

    They take the time to listen, and find out what needs to be done to save on every dollar possible – and then explain it all to me in language that I can understand.

    I really appreciate their personal touch!”

    Warren McDonald

  • Waydon Installations & Maintenance


    Retail Sales & Services

    “I’ve trusted in Knox Tax since 1994 and their service for all of my business accounting needs is outstanding!

    Their friendliness makes them easy to get along with, and I actually find it relaxing because I can always rely on them to be quick and thorough”.

    Wayne Tucker




    “It’s been nearly thirty years now that we have been using Knox Taxation and Business Services as our accountants and business advisers, and we have found them to be consistently helpful, honest and friendly.

    From the outset, their straight-forward, trustworthy approach and personal interest in our business affairs is something we truly appreciate.

    We are always grateful for the enthusiastic and positive approach that the team at Knox Tax show when discussing business affairs with them, and the fact that they always do more than is expected to maximize the tax benefits to our company.”



    Property Maintenance and Repair

    “There’s only one word to describe Knox Taxation – Awesome!

    Everything about their level of service is fantastic.

    They helped me set up my air conditioning business and also handle all of my End of Year Financials and Business and Personal Tax Returns.

    They’re always helpful – and whenever I’ve got a taxation problem, in one phone call it gets fixed.

    Knox Tax’s friendly staff are utterly approachable and whilst I’m notorious for trying to do everything myself, they’re always there to keep me in line.

    Everything about them is just great!”

    Jason McKenzie



    Mechanical Parts & Supplies

    “Knox Taxation is local, handy to my business, and I’m very happy to deal with all of the staff there.

    They take the time to accept my call, answer my questions, and ensure that I comprehend and understand what they’ve said properly.

    I don’t have to wait for a call-back and, unlike other Accounting firms I’ve dealt with, in the past, the staff don’t change every week.

    They’re good people and their service is great.”

    Bruce Russell



    Garden & Landscaping

    “Knox Taxation and Business Advisory ‘go above and beyond the call of duty’!

    They pay so much attention to detail, actually listen to what we need, and take the time to show that they truly care – by not only giving us answers, but also exceptional solutions.

    They have dealt with two of our businesses, AND have provided information and assistance that we have considered to be amazing!

    They’re so thorough, and have demonstrated, fully, that they know precisely what they are doing.

    Their essence of communication is outstanding.

    Not only do they explain what is happening, they also decipher the complicated terms of accounting, and put them into words that we can understand.”

    Fiona Wallace



    Garden & Landscaping

    “Coral and her team deliver with genuine efficiency. They’re interested, eager to assist and they know what they’re doing.

    The best aspect of their service is that I always know that they are achieving every possible tax deduction on my behalf.

    At Knox Tax, they don’t cut corners – they’re always in MY corner!”

    Robin Cousins




    “Knox Taxation and Business Services have my complete and utter trust to do everything, and with them I know I’m in good hands with all of my Accounting affairs.

    They’re highly professional, their work is exemplary and they certainly achieve outstanding results for me and my businesses.

    Having been with them for a very long time, I very seriously recommend them to others without any hesitation – because they always deliver every time.”

    Geoff Bricknell



    “The broad skills of the Knox Tax team cover all aspects of business. Their service delivery is thorough, prompt and efficient.

    I always feel like I’m dealing with a happy family of people who can offer the whole package of taxation and business advisory.

    I have complete trust in their integrity, and love that they are accessible whenever I need assistance, whether it’s for my personal, family or business interests.”

    Maureen Bickford


“I feel understood as a customer and they listen intently”


I’ve experienced great service from Knox Tax for more than 30 years.

Coral is encouraging and nurturing, whether the advice and help I need is to do with property investment or our individual Tax Returns.

Despite living a long distance away, I meet with them every year due to their reliability, knowledge and a comforting empathy, and my Tax Returns always exceed my expectations.

Phillip Nghiem

  • Susan Maughan

    5 Stars for website“Judy Poulter and her team at Knox Taxation have looked after my financial affairs with due diligence for well over a decade.

    In that time, I have had every confidence that my best interests were paramount and that care was taken to deliver the best results.

    I have never felt like a “number”; instead, I feel like a valued client.

    Judy has always been cordial, attentive, well informed- and supremely professional.”

    Susan M.

  • Sandra Bamford

    5 Stars for website“Coral has been a huge guidance and support for me financially. Her wisdom as a supportive Finance expert is astounding.

    I met her in 1997, when I lived in Scoresby and sought to do my Tax for the first time in my life.

    She has witnessed me go from a bottomless pit, through homelessness, joblessness, and living in over  15 different addresses to building my own home. That’s 23 years of amazing service!

    If I live elsewhere (which I am likely to do) and perhaps even interstate… I would not change from Knox Taxation.”


  • Paul Sparks

    5 Stars for website“Extremely courteous, professional, understanding and brilliant. I should have been going to Knox Taxation 20 years ago.

    Thanks again Judy your a star….

    Paul Sparks

  • Gavin Hands

    5 Stars for website“The confidence and trust I have in Knox Tax and their experience is exceptionally high.

    My questions about property investment are always promptly answered, and they’ve been able to maximise my refunds against my taxable income with integrity and efficiency in every respect.

    Their readily-accessible information and accounting forms on the website are both easy to read and procure. They have everything covered!

    Their guidance, advice and friendly nature makes my dealings with Knox Tax a pleasure.”

    Gavin Hands

  • Fran Sanders

    5 Stars for websiteCoral has done my husband & my personal & investment property tax for the last few years.

    She does a fantastic job and we would recommend her and the team to anyone looking for a accountant with both a professional and personal touch. Will be back next year.

    Fran Sanders

  • Marcia Timmers-Leitch

    5 Stars for websiteKnox Taxation are fantastic! Coral and the Team are always friendly, knowledgeable and go out of the way to be of assistance.

    Highly recommend.


  • Mick Falvey

    5 Stars for website “I always need my hand held walking through my tax affairs. The people at Knox Taxation,  from the reception desk on to the lovely person who does my tax, do just that.

    Courtesy Professionalism and with lovely welcoming atmosphere. These people know their job!!”

    Mick Falvey

  • Meliza Smith

    5 Stars for website “We’ve been clients of Knox Taxation for a long time. We have always been very satisfied with the level of service, valued and sound advice provided by Coral and her team.

    Meliza Smith

  • Mick Sheehey

    5 Stars for website“Coral and her team are fantastic to deal with. Very professional, courteous and patient.

    Would highly recommend Knox Taxation to any of my friends or family.

    Mick Sheehy

  • Bradley Smith

    5 Stars for website“Simple, friendly and quick. The perfect taxation appointment!
    We shared a few laughs and learned a bit from Coral.
    We’ll come back, definitely! Thanks, Coral.”

    Bradley Smith

  • Clinton Smith

    5 Stars for website“Quick, efficient and helpful.

    Big team with lots of experience, always willing to help.

    Been a customer now for a few years 🙂 “

    Clinton Smith

  • Max Bartlett

    5 Stars for website“Dealing with Knox Taxation has always been an enjoyable experience, Coral and her dedicated team combine both compassion and a professional approach to our needs.

    We would thoroughly recommend them as a Business Advisory.

    Max Bartlett

  • Brad Nash

    5 Stars for website“Knox Tax process my Business and Individual Tax Returns, my Superannuation, annual Profit and Loss and ASIC lodgements very efficiently.

    For over 30 years, I’ve found their excellent array of services to be quick and smooth-flowing.

    They’re easy to contact, the works are done straight-away.

    All of my paperwork is thus submitted on-time.”

    Brad Nash

  • Lisa Geraghty

    5 Stars for website“What I really like about Knox Tax is that they really get us – they actually understand where we’re coming from and we value their advice.

    The team talk to us on our level, they’re happy to answer any questions that we pose (no matter how trivial) and always treat us with courtesy and respect.

    We appreciate their kindness and reliability as well.

    Their always-efficient service is also enhanced by their unmatched generosity in referring us to other trusted professionals when we need help in other areas of expertise for marketing and so on.”

    Lisa Geraghty

  • Bill Ten Eyck

    5 Stars for website“Personal service, always dependable, outstanding in every way.

    I have used Knox Taxation for over 10 years for a reason…they are outstanding.”

    Bill Ten Eyck

  • Jim Halley

    5 Stars for website“I take everything to Knox Taxation (my BAS, my Tax Return and End of Year Financials) and as a result, I don’t have to worry about it,
    which means I can concentrate on being on the tools in my Plumbing business.

    I’ve found them to be very competent and easy to deal with, and especially when I first came to them not having done my BAS and tax for years.

    They sorted it all out, got me a return, and literally saved my bacon!”

    Jim Halley

  • Samantha Smith

    5 Stars for website“I did my Tax Return on eTax last year – and I’ll never do it again! What was supposed to be simple and free turned out to have hidden charges, no guidance, and I felt totally confused by it. It was a terrible experience.

    Knox Tax, on the other hand, greet me like an old friend every time I walk in the door. I feel cared about, they’re highly professional, and from the very first visit I trusted them immediately.

    I enjoy the informative newsletters they send out as well. After trying the online thing I can honestly say you can’t beat Knox Tax’s great quality service, and the way they explain everything. Their personalised approach is so impressive!”

    Samantha Smith

  • Kenneth Pilling

    5 Stars for website“I have been with Knox Tax since the early 1980’s always friendly and very helpful.”

    Kenneth Pilling

  • Adam Goudge

    5 Stars for website“Knox Taxation and Business Advisory makes me feel very comfortable – and safe!

    We approached Coral to handle a very complicated Deceased Estate and, at the time, we had so much going on emotionally.

    They took the reins with a most compassionate approach, took away the worry, and went above and beyond to ensure the ATO delivered a special ruling to bring about exceptional results.

    It was the first time we’d dealt with them and it certainly won’t be the last.”

    Adam Goudge

  • Dion Brimelow

    5 Stars for website“Knox Tax have been doing my tax for over 10 years and I am always happy with the service, attention, and quality tax processing they provide.

    Dion Brimelow

  • David Worrall

    5 Stars for website“I have been using Knox Taxation for at least 15 years now and have always received excellent service and advice and will continue to do so in future.”

    David Worrall 

  • Rob Arena

    5 Stars for website“The staff at Knox tax have always gone out of their way to assist me with my tax and accounting needs.
    Thumbs up 👍🏻 5 star service.”

    Rob Arena 

  • Nick Petris

    5 Stars for website“We have been with Knox Taxation for more than 10 years after being recommended by a business associate.

    Knox are very approachable,always available and responsive to your professional needs with friendly, helpful service at moderate cost.”

    Nick P


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