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Stage 4 Coronavirus Restrictions: Office Changes & JobKeeper Payments

Stage 4 Coronavirus
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Given the release of Stage 4 restrictions, we have some important information to share with you.

Before we go into that, we wanted share our compassion and support for each of you who have been impacted by COVID-19. Whether it be closing your business or having lost your job.

We understand that the next 6 weeks is going to be a stressful time for many of you.

Today, we’re going to explain what Stage 4 means for us, for you/your businesses, and also introduce you to a new team member who will be starting with us soon.


1) Office Closure

Given the latest COVID-19 updates, we will be closing our Boronia office. However, we will be working remotely to support you as best we can.

As we speak, our team is working to set themselves up with functioning home offices, remote access to our computers at the office, and phone diversions so that we can complete work from home.

It is likely that this transition will create a delay on our ability to process your Tax Returns, therefore we ask for your patience and support as we make this changeover.

If you need to contact us for help or advice, we recommend emailing mail@knoxtax.com.au rather than calling the landline (especially for the next few days).

This will prevent your call being missed during the changeover and enables us to give you a call back / respond to your query.

Once the new phones are set up, you will be able to ring us on the landline as usual.

We’ll give more information to you as it comes to hand.


2) Jobkeeper Eligibility

With the new Stage 4 restrictions, many businesses are required to close.

If you haven’t been eligible for Jobkeeper payments before but are now experiencing forcible closure, we recommend getting in touch with us: (03) 9762 7344

There is a possibility that you could now be entitled for Jobkeeper payments for August and September, if you have experienced a 30% downturn since this time last year, or predict there will be due to closure.

If you’re unsure of whether you’ll experience a 30% decline in turnover (compared to the same time last year), we can always see if your eligible for an alternative test.



3) Introducing our NEW Senior Accountant, Asim!

On a more positive note, we would love to introduce our new team member, Asim Malik.

Asim Malik - Knox Taxation

Asim has joined Knox Taxation as our new Senior Accountant / Client Manager. He is a Chartered Accountant (UK) and is studying CPA (Aust) at present.

We had planned for Asim to start on Monday 10th of August, however due to Stage 4 Restrictions, we will be pushing his start-date back until the lock down is over. 

With 16+ years of experience working in the Accounting field, Asim is detail-oriented, results-driven and has great expertise in finance, accounting, business advisory and auditing.

Having previously managed his own portfolio of business and individual clients, he enjoys nurturing and helping clients to better understand their tax and financial situation.

Outside of work, Asim loves to travel and has worked internationally in the UK, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Dubai. He also enjoys reading and gardening.

We look forward to Asim joining our team and bringing his breadth of knowledge, skills and life experience.

Please help us to make him feel welcome.


4) Moula Pay – For Businesses

If you’re a business owner who needs help or advice, but are worried where you’re going to get the funds to pay for it, don’t stress.

We have partnered with Moula Pay so that you can get the help you need from our team, without having to compromise your cashflow.

Through Moula Pay you can apply for a payment facility that gives you 12 months to repay our services, with the first three months entirely interest and repayment free.

If you’d like to take advantage of Moula Pay’s extended payment terms, please give out team a call so we can help you.

NOTE: Invoice transactions must be between $500 – $250,000. 

Moula Pay at Knox Taxation


We wish you all the best over the coming weeks.


With warmth & compassion,

The Team @ Knox Taxation and Business Advisory


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