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The 13 Steps of Property Investment Success

The 13 Steps for Property Investment Success

If you’re not a seasoned property investor, making your first property purchase can be a daunting process. To help you on your property investment journey, here are 13 simple steps you can follow: 1. Consult With Your Accountant At Knox Taxation and Business Advisory, we specialise in providing advice in the following areas related to…

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10 Tips For Successfully Starting a Business

 If you’re considering starting a business, there’s probably a million and one worries and concerns circling around in your mind. You’re not alone. Starting a business for the first time can be daunting, with many worried about experiencing failure. Despite once dreaming of becoming successful entrepreneurs, many never achieve it. Instead, they become burdened with…

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New Scams Alert | How To Protect Yourself Now!

As most of you are aware, we are now in the peak season for many ATO and Tax scams. Recently, we have been informed of two new methods that scammers are using to phish personal and financial information from their victims.   1) 3-way phone conversations Scammers are now initiating 3-way phone conversations between their…

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Online Tax Returns – Should You Do It?

Image src: https://photos.icons8.com/ Some people think that by doing their tax online, they will save time and money. But, it’s not a simple as you think, with most getting it wrong. By doing your tax online you could: End up paying too much tax (much more than you need to), or Make substantial errors that bring…

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How You Can Start Planning For Your 2017/18 Tax Return

EOFY is always a very busy time for us, with our incredible team of Accountants being in high-demand. Therefore, if you’re ready to come in for your end of year tax appointment, please book in now. The later that you leave it, the less likely that you will secure your preferred date. It won’t be long before…

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Changes to Personal Super Contributions & Deductions

Note: This information is for people who: Make personal super contributions from their income after tax (this does not include contributions made under a salary sacrifice arrangement and compulsory super paid by your employer), and Want to claim a deduction for these contributions.   Since the 1st July 2017, the eligibility rules for claiming a…

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Look out! The ATO is Cracking Down – Company Cars & Fringe Benefits Tax

Do you drive a company car or own a company registered vehicle? If so, please take note of the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) updates highlighted below. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) have recently warned about tightening-up on their approach towards people who own vehicles through their businesses – particularly, employers and tradies. Even if your…

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SMSF AUDITS – Advice from Knox Taxation and Business Advisory

Superannuation Charges – When is cheap really cheap? And no… it has nothing to do with chickens.  It’s all about the fact that SMSF Auditors have come under scrutiny from the ATO. There’s always news a-plenty at Knox Taxation and Business Advisory, in Boronia. We scour the universe to ensure you know what’s going on,…

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Take It Or Annual Leave It at Knox Taxation and Business Advisory in Boronia

Time Out! Holidays, Public Holidays, Annual Leave & Annual Leave Cash-Out Policies. (And we’re not talking sticking your card in the ATM) Is your business pre-prepared? At Knox Taxation and Business Advisory in Boronia, we’re always striving to keep you in the loop and up-to-date with all things – and not just about your tax!  This…

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e-Tax CAUTION 2016 – Talk to us first

e-Tax is not so pure and simple! Don’t push that button yet! Talk to us at Knox Taxation and Business Advisory. WHY? Because we care about you! We know how important it is for you to maximise your Tax Return every year. With e-Tax you may be missing out on things you can claim. We’ve received many…

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